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Ambient Air Pollutant Exposures and COVID-19 Severity and Mortality

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Air Pollution and COVID-19 Severity:

Dr. Chen’s most recent publications have illustrated how exposure to air pollutants (PM 2.5 and nitrogen dioxide) can have an increased risk of more serious outcomes from COVID-19. This has caught the attention of many news publications, which can all be visited below detailing the new findings.

Pre-Existing Pancreatitis and Elevated Risks of COVID-19 Severity and Mortality

Ambient Air Pollution Is Associated with Increased COVID-19 Incidence

The USC study of ambient air pollution during four 2020-2021 case surges found that long-term exposures to PM2.5and NO2 were associated with increased COVID-19 incidence. Read more…

Near-Roadway Air Pollution Associated with COVID-19 Severity and Mortality

Asthma, COPD, and COVID-19 Severity